The Liberian Community Association of DFW Metroplex held its Inaugural celebration for President Stanley Gaye and his team of officers on Saturday February 1st, 2014 in Hurst Texas. Mr. Stanley Gaye was elected president, Miatta Dennis Vice President, Nathaniel Goun Treasurer, Henry Crayton (Chaplain), and Mr. Tommy Tray as Secretary. The celebration brought together hundreds of Liberians from across the Dallas Fort worth area and surrounding cities. Liberians and friends of Liberia also came from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma city and other parts of the United States to be part of this great celebration..
The inauguration was held at Hurst Banquet Hall Ballroom in Hurst Texas. The hall was elegantly decorated with the Liberians colors of red, white and blue; and with center pieces accentuating the Liberian culture and the flag of Liberia. The celebration was a red carpet event with Liberians dressed in their finest. Many Liberians came dressed in both Western and African attires. The red carpet also afforded the members and guests the opportunity to have their pictures taken for the occasion. One of the guests commented, that this was the first time she has seen so many Liberians come out to support a Liberian program. “I am very proud to be a Liberian.” She pledged her support to the new administration

Rev. Yhenpu McCauley Pastor of House of Prayer Tabernacle Ministries
gave the invocation to the program. She prayed for God’s grace and
guidance on the President and the new officers of LCA- DFW. She prayed
for the community to come together and work for the betterment of all
Liberians. She pray for the new leaders to put God first.
Rev. Yhenpu McCauley
The welcome was given by Ms. Elizabeth Tubman Chairlady of the Inaugural Program. She said, “I welcome you all here today as we celebrate the dawn of a new Era. As stated in our theme, (MOVING FORWARD - Working Collectively to Reinvigorate our Community) I pray we will all work collectively to take LCA/DFW to higher plains. Our success in America, equals progress in our Motherland. I urge all those in positions to be committed and make a difference.
Several Personalities have worked together to conclude this scrumptious dish. I like to thank everyone who contributed funds, time, etc. to make this day a reality. Special thanks and salute to all Clergy Members, Our Guest Speaker, Mr. Sanmi Akinmulero, Former Heads of LCA/DFW, whose shoulders we are standing.” She thanked members of the different subcommittees who made the program great.
Inauguration Chair Lady
The Community’s First Bishop, Bishop Nathan Kortu of New life Fellowship Church was the Installing Officer. Bishop Kortu congratulated the President and his officers on their election.
He said he was glad that this new administration has put God first and advised them to continue to involve God in everything that they do. He also told the officers to take the oath of office seriously and obey the constitution of the Community Association.

He also pledged the full support of all Churches and Clergies within the Liberian community. Many of the Pastors and Clergies participated in the installation when they were called upon by the Bishop to pray for the President and his team. The President and officers took the oath of office and all of the Clergies came together and prayed for the new Leadership Team.
The inaugural program was also marked by turning over of power to the new President. Mrs. Lorena Travell outgoing president of the community, thanked all of her officers and members of the Community for all of their support and contributions during her administration. She congratulated Mr. Stanley Gaye the new President and his core of officers on their elections and installations. She admonished the President to use the gavel wisely in the interest of the community.
The Guest speaker: Mr.Sanmi Akinmulero,
President of The African Chamber of Commerce
D/FW, talked about preparing for the future and
being accountable to our country and each other. He said that now is the time that we in the diaspora start to think about who will be the next leader for Liberia once the current president leaves office. One way to achieve that, is by networking and preparing for the future. The speaker said another thing that is hindering development in Africa is the lack of basic electricity. He said for the continent to really develop, it needed electricity and with electricity comes development. He encouraged the new leadership team to reach out to other groups with the same ideas and to be committed to the members and worked for the betterment of the community. He said Africa needed all of us, but first we must be ready to give back in a meaningful way. He also congratulated the President and his team.
Taking the oath of office, were Mr. Stanley Gaye, President, Miss. Miatta Dennis, Vice President, Mr. Henry Crayton Jr- Chaplain, Mr. Nathaniel Goun - Treasurer and Mr. Tommy Tray-Secretary.
Miss. Miatta Dennis, the Vice president introduced the president Mr. Stanley Gaye. During her introduction of the president, the Vice President thanked the community and the President for electing her as Vice President and is honored by the trust imposed on her by the members of the community. She also laid out a vision of the Team’s agenda and what they want to accomplish. She said she is truly humble and will do her best to make the community proud.
The President in his inaugural address thanked God, his family, the New Core of Officers, Past LCA-DFW Leaders, the Community and the Inaugural team for electing him and his team to lead the Community. He said he and his team were able and ready for the task of leading the Community.  He said: “Today I stand before you NOT as a politician. Today I stand before you NOT as a dictator. Today I stand before you NOT as one who Knows-It-All. Today I stand before you NOT as one who intends to use this office as a stepping stone for political office in Liberia.
I stand before as your servant. I stand before you as your advocate. I stand before you as your colleague. I stand before you as president of the people of this community; president by the people of this community; and president for the people of this community. I come not with a selfish agenda. I come to join you in Working Collectively to Reinvigorate Our Community.

I’m extremely humbled by the opportunity to lead this great community. I do not take this lightly. I come to this office with the utmost respect for the position and the people. I solemnly swear that I will give it my all.”

He asked for the support of every Liberians in the DFW Metroplex and for the involvement in the community Association. He said, there is a lot we can accomplish if we all work together. He laid out plan for the youths, the elderly and everyone that makes up the Community. One of his Administration’s top priorities is to get a Cultural Activities Hall for the Association. He also said he was pleased and happy with the involvement of the Clergies and promised to work with them in strengthening the association, including a once a month corporate service.
Mr. Francis Williams, President of the Conference of Liberians in the Southwestern United States (COLOSUS) was present with a delegation from Oklahoma. COLOSUS is the mother organization of LCA-DFW and other LCAs in the southwest. Mr. Williams also congratulated the President and officers on their election and inauguration. He said COLOSUS will work with the new leaders to achieve their goals for the community.
Mr. Willie Kamara former President of COLOSUS and Mr. Bush Tarty communication Director of LCA-DFW spoke on the issue of Dual Citizenship for Liberians in the diaspora. Dual Citizenship is a major issue and concern for many Liberians that fled the war in Liberia and took on citizenship of the host country. Many of these Liberians have had children and are concern about how Liberia’s law on citizenship would affect them. Many are now working hard to see the implementation of the Dual Citizen law.
One of the highlights of the Inauguration was the surprise appearance of Liberia’s top Gospel Artist and music Ambassador, Mrs. Kanvee Adams. The Gospel Artist rendered two of her signature hit songs. She had the audience on their feet dancing.
Southwest Own, Liberian Gospel and Pop Artist  Ms. Elaine Peabody led the National Anthem
Grand Marchers Mr. and Mrs. A. T-Max Davis
The Inaugural program concluded with the Inaugural Ball with a Liberian styled Grand March led by Grand Marchers Mr. and Mrs. A. T-Max Davis of Arlington Texas, hailing from Maryland and Cape Mount Counties, Liberia, stopping by way of Camp Johnson Road Monrovia Liberia. Music was provided by the Community’s top DJ, Otto Williams, who had the crowd on their feet all night long with a mix of African, Reggae and American music. Again, we want to extend our congratulations to the President and his team.  God Bless: America, Liberia and LCA/Dallas!
Inauguration of President Stanley Gaye