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The newly elected officers of the Liberian Community Association of the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex brought together Liberians in the Diaspora to honor them for their contributions to the community. Those honored included seniors, community and organizations leaders, past presidents of LCA, religious leaders, youths and Liberian business owners. According to the president elect Mr. Stanley Gaye, this was his administration way of reaching out to members of the community and showing appreciations to them for their committment to the Association and also to encourage Liberians to participate and support this new administration.

It was not too long ago that there was a vacuum of leadership in the community since the last administration term ended. According to information reaching us, no one wanted to step up to the plate and take over the helm of the association. Several meetings were called by the election commissioner and a fund raiser term the
LCA Honors Liberians in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex
Saturday November 28, 2013
resuscitation of LCA was held to motivate and encourage members to step up and lead the association. Mr. Gaye and Miss. Miatta Dennis stepped up to the plate and were elected President and Vice President to conduct the affairs of the Community Association.

According to Rev.  McCauley, during her remarks, she informed the members present that the first thing the elected president and his team did was to meet with the various pastors of Liberian churches and asked for their support. Rev. McCauley stated 'that was the first thing this new administration did and thought that it was a great start to get God involve. She pledged the support of the Liberian churches to the new administration and encouraged others to support Mr. Gaye and his administration.

A fund raiser was held to give the new administration some financial help since the program was held free of charge. There were lots different Liberian dishes on the menu. Everyone was excited and some gave their verbal and financial support to the new administration. Members were inform of LCA meeting every third Saturday by teleconference until a meeting location can be secure or found,

We want to congratulate Mr. Stanley Gaye and his team of officers on their elections to lead LCA DFW. We promise to do our part in bringing the community together.  As an online news media, we will showcase both the positives and negatives of this administration. We hope that the positives outweigh the negatives. Again congratulations to Mr. Standley Gaye president elect and his core of officers on their elections and bravo to LCA-DFW. This is a great start and a new beginning for Liberians in the DFW area.
Zoebush Staff
Mr. Stanley Gaye
LCA-DFW President Elect
Two of the oldest seniors honored during the program hugged each other
Students and youths honored at the Thanksgiving

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